About MS

What is a Malaysian Standard (MS)?

A Malaysian Standard is a document developed by consensus and Approved by a recognized body that contains rules, guidelines or characteristics for products or methods of processing and related expenditure, including the terms of the administration in which compliance is not mandatory .


Credibility of Malaysian Standards

Developed systematically based on Annex 3, World Trade Organisation Agreement - Technical Barriers to Trade (WTO - TBT, ISO / IEC Guide 59, and Malaysian Standards Act, 1996 (Act 549).

Developed by experts in the relevant field and taking into account the interests of law enforcement bodies, consumers, manufacturers and the general society.

Refer and adopt international standards such as ISO and IEC as appropriate.

MS developed in a transparent manner with the consent of the public and open. Development phase includes a public comment, publication and distribution is touted to the public.

MS developed using the principles of performance based and does not take into account the aspects of brand, and the place of origin to avoid the issues of monopoly and injustice.



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